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RMA’s Board of Directors is comprised of 10 members—five officers and five directors—who are responsible for managing the affairs of the association. RMA holds elections annually to elect officers, fill open seats on the board, and to approve changes to the bylaws (if necessary). The number of open seats varies each year. Candidates elected to serve on the Board of Directors serve two-year terms.

Individuals interested in running for a Director position must have the following qualifications pursuant to RMA Bylaws:

  • Be a Professional Certified, Professional, or Standard member in Good Standing. Good Standing is defined as those members who have paid any required dues, fees, and assessment in accordance with the Bylaws, who are not suspended or expelled, and are in compliance with RMA’s Code of Ethics and Principles and Guidelines.
  • The individual must be an officer, director, or an owner of five (5) percent of an active Professional Certified, Professional, or Standard member.
  • Must be able to show proof that the member company has purchased a receivables portfolio in the previous twelve (12) months.
  • Must have a minimum of four (4) years of experience in the distressed debt acquisition industry.
  • Must have attended the annual conference in the calendar year preceding their election.
  • Must currently be serving on an RMA committee, special committee, or task force designated by the President, or on the Certification Council or one of its committees.
  • No Professional Certified, Professional, or Standard members may have more than one individual currently serving on the Board of Directors.

Members interested in running for a position on the Board must submit the following materials by mail, fax, or email by the deadline (which varies from year to year):

  • A letter of intent declaring your desire to be a candidate
  • A professional photo
  • A resume and/or bio
  • A candidate statement of not more than 400 words which will be distributed to members with the official ballot
  • A copy of a redacted bill of sale or a reference letter on a seller’s letterhead verifying that the member company has purchased a debt portfolio in the previous 12 months

Ballots are sent to eligible voting members at the beginning of January, at which time voting begins. They may be returned via email or regular mail, or may be cast in person at RMA’s annual conference in February. Eligible member organizations may cast:

  • One vote to approve or not approve the slate of officers
  • One vote to approve or not approve proposed changes to the bylaws
  • One vote for each open Director position

If you have any questions, please contact RMA Executive Director Jan Stieger at (916) 482-2462 or